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Baseball is the sport where sports analytics was born. There is no shortage of baseball data and all the MLB teams are using it for in-game decision making for bet odds. However, the tradeoff with highly granular data is that there’s a lot of meaningless noise. At AI Betting Edge, we’ve cleaned, tested, and carefully selected features from all of the latest cutting edge MLB statistics including SIERA, xFIP, and xWAR. This has led to a world class prediction algorithm that can help you start winning risk free bets in your online sportsbook. Don’t wait any longer – win at MLB prop bets today!

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MLB prop bets

More About AI MLB Betting

The Key to Good Bets

Sabermetrics. You’ve all heard the term by now. Maybe you’ve even seen/read Moneyball. What’s all the hype all about? Is it only useful for teams or does it help with prop betting too? Is it a bunch of people who couldn’t play baseball but were good at math for tracking player props and don’t know what they’re talking about? Short answer is, NO. The power of statistical analysis and machine learning in baseball sports betting is tremendous, especially with prop bets for bet odds on your favorite betting sites.

Understanding Baseball Betting

Baseball is inherently a game of states. What state did you start in, what action did you take, and what state did you end up in. Repeat that until 27 outs have been recorded for one team and that’s a baseball game, believe it or not. At AI Betting Edge, we have both a lifetime worth of experience playing and analyzing data.

We Know Baseball Betting Data

Our cutting edge, proprietary algorithms utilize the latest machine learning, deep learning, and reinforcement learning technology to consistently win at MLB prop bets. Is it hard to beat the MLB betting market? Well, depends on who you ask. At AI Betting Edge we offer consistent, reliable predictions that will help you start winning at prop betting today!

What MLB Prop Markets Do We Target?

The short answer is, players props. But the short answer never tells the full story. Say I were to tell you that Jacob DeGrom at his best was going up against Mike Trout at his best, who would you choose to win that battle? The answer is, DeGrom. And it’s because pitchers control (no pun intended) the game of baseball. When a pitcher is on, he’s unhittable. I don’t care if it’s Trout or Babe Ruth or Barry Bonds – Randy Johnson at his very best would be able to strike them out. As a result, for sports betting player props we place most of our emphasis on pitching props. Make gains from MLB prop bets today.

What Makes Our MLB Prop Bet Predictions Better Than the Rest.

Have you ever wondered what it takes you identify a truly risk free bet? We have, and know the answer is simply creating better handcrafted features and using better algorithms. Plain and simple. If you think you’re going to beat the market by using a pitcher’s season average strikeouts, two other features, and a simple Linear Regression, well, good luck with that.

Tracking MLB Data Effectively

At AI Betting Edge we dig deep into the data, tracking everything you can possibly imagine on player props from the X,Y coordinates of every pitch to the umpire’s hair color (kidding about the latter). But our philosophy is, the answer to risk free bets is in the data, so if there’s no answer – keep looking. And we do. Sign up today at AI Betting Edge to get the best prop bet predictions available in the world.

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