Bet Recap 6/21/24

Pardon my french, but what an absolutely fucking ridiculous run we’re on right on. 11 for 11 this week. 23 for 26 over the past 2 weeks. Just CRAZY hot right now. Let’s see how long we can ride this out.

Bet 1 – Rodon got shelled, didn’t even make it out of the 3rd inning. And Rogers ended up with 5 Ks. Super easy hit.

Bet 2 – Cease had 5 ks by the 3rd inning, and ended up with 8 total. Sandoval had 2 walks by the 2nd inning. Again an extremely easy win.

Bet 3 – Colin Rea walked a batter in the 1st inning so that was easy, Andrew Abbott was the only stressful one of the night but he allowed 4 hits right on the number so we won this too.

MLB Hit Rate – 108/155 69.6% this year, 263/386 67.9% on the year last year.

NBA Hit Rate – 281/422 – 66.5% this year, 69% last year.