Congratulations, you’re officially ready to start placing bets as a member of AI Betting Edge! If you’re a seasoned sports bettor, much of the content below won’t be new information for you. However, we advise everyone to skim through this guide at least once before diving in and placing bets.

Q. Where should I go to place the bets you post?

For MLB season, 90% of our bets are on DraftKings. DraftKings offers pitcher walk props which have been our hottest market. FanDuel DOES NOT offer walk props. To ensure you catch all of our posted plays, definitely sign up for DraftKings. If you can’t for whatever reason, Caesars also offers walk props but not the creative alt lines that DraftKings offers.

Q. How many bets do you post daily?

This depends a lot on the slate size (number of games that day), and how sharp the lines are. Generally we post anywhere from 1-5 bets daily. We also post all our machine learning predictions in case you want to make your own bets.

Q. What happens if the odds are different than what you post, or the line itself has moved?

Obviously, the betting market is indeed a market, and there’s no guarantee that if we post a bet at -130, by the time you go to place it it’s not at -140. Typically things don’t move THAT quickly, but they certainly do from time to time. Our general recommendation is, if the odds move, you should still place the bet. However if the LINE moves (we post an over 5.5 assists bet and when you go to place it, the line is 6.5), we recommend not placing the bet. A lot of people think “Oh what’s the difference it’s only 1 more strikeout”, trust me, it’s ALL of the difference. We’re dealing with razor thin margins here.

Q. How much should I bet more on bets that you post?

We recommend betting 1 unit on every bet we post. This will ensure you’re profitable.

Q. Do you post only straight bets or both straight bets and parlays?

Both. We try to ensure that the odds are always better than -160. So if our model really likes a bet, but its -190, we’ll often parlay it with what we call “layup legs”. These are simply >90% bets that almost always hit. On the other hand if the odds are -120 for a straight bet, we won’t parlay it with anything.